About Mark

Emmy® Award 2010
"The Wacky World of Bruce Barry"

Motion Picture Production

In late 2000, Mark wrote and made his directorial debut with The Riff, a $2.5 million feature-length motion picture about relationships in the world of jazz music. The film starred Antonio Fargas (Pretty Baby, Car Wash, Starsky & Hutch), Nia Peeples (Fame, Walker: Texas Ranger) and Cameron Smith (Smooth Jazz TV). The film premiered at CineVegas and was awarded the Lincoln Trophy, Filmmaker’s Choice Award at the International Black Film Festival in 2001. The Riff has aired nationally on several cable networks and was purchased for distribution by York Entertainment. The film is still available through several online vendors.

After the tragedy of 9/11, Mark became executive producer for Homeland One, a satellite network designed to help train emergency responders around the country. For five years he managed a group of media producers who created high-quality, half-hour training programs to help aid police and firefighters on how to handle mass-casualty incidents and subvert terrorist activities.

Mark has been a photojournalist, producer, writer and director for 25 years. As a photojournalist, he covered major news events around the country, including hurricanes Andrew and Floyd, the siege and destruction of the Waco Cult compound in Texas, and the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing.

After a decade of covering the news, Mark began working as a photojournalist and producer for the satellite communications company Primedia, based in Dallas. For several years he was sent around the U.S., producing award-winning stories about firefighters and law enforcement officers. Mark was also Director of Photography for SKY-TV, working on “The Computer Man,” which aired on The Learning Channel (TLC) and “Mark’s Wired World” on Nickelodeon's "WAM!"