Television Production


Mark has worked on a variety of projects over the past 25 years. They include news stories, news promos, short, and long format documentaries, featured films, emergency responder training, and faith-based media productions.
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A Passionate Professional in the World of Media

Film Production


The Riff was Mark's only foray into big budget film production, but it led to work on several network productions that have aired nationally. It was a great opportunity to learn how Hollywood works, make a few friends, and understand the processes of writing and producing a feature motion picture.
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Mark's interest in screenwriting and writing novels came naturally after working as a photojournalist and media producer. His love of history led him to create stories that revolve around events that have had an impact on Texas and the hearty people who live there.
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Growing up in his family's photo store in Arizona, Mark's love of editorial style photography has continued throughout his career. His travels around the world have given him plenty of subjects to work with.
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