The Riff - about the film

Behind the Scenes
Studio Scene from

1n 1998, Mark was working as Director of Photography for "Smooth Jazz TV", an MTV Style program highlighting smooth jazz artists and their latest releases. He had the opportunity to get to know  jazz radio personality Cameron Smith, a former manager in the world of jazz artists and the host of Smooth Jazz TV.  During a junket to Cancun, Mark and Cameron decided to collaborate on a story about the darker world of jazz performers, showing a side not many enthisiasts get to see.

Mark completed the first draft of The Riff in 1999, submitting it to several independant producers for a chance to direct the film. His dream came true in 2000, when the film was selected for production. Over the next year Mark received an education in Hollywood style production, a film-school primer that gave him skills he has used in many other productions.