Mark began writing screenplays in 2008. His skills developed quickly over time, culminating in his first drama, The Riff, being produced in 2000 and released in 2001. This story won the fimmaker's choice award, The Lincoln Trophy, at the American Black Film Festival in 2001. His most recent script, The Gates of Eden, is now being reviewed for possible production in 2018.[Read Sample Screenplays]

Writing for Media Products

A Storyteller Through the Written Word

Works of Fiction

Mark has written several fiction novels over the past 20 years. Ill Wind, one of three novels he's writing about Galveston Island, was released in 2011. It's a fan favorite, available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and in several eBook formats. He's currently researching and writing about the history of aviation in Texas.
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In working with the nonprofit company Good News Productions International (GNPI,) Mark has helped to create a series of workbooks and videos that teach basic media production in developing countries. He also helped design a low priced media production kit. These tools and training equip nonprofits to deliver culturally relevant  messages in their areas.
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Understanding the process of media production had allowed Mark to utilize a common format that will easily transfer from the written page to the screen. By properly describing all visual elements and using plain language eleminates common delays in production. Rewrites or reshoots are avoided, maximizing a limited budget and delivering a media project on time. 
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